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Blockington is an addon plugin for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor that provides extra blocks and features, transforming the full site editing experience into a page builder capable of crafting websites faster, easier and cheaper.

We are building on top of what Gutenberg block editor offers by introducing custom blocks that will help you build designs for pages or posts without the need for coding while providing a similar performance both in terms of page speed or SEO.

Available blocks

Bootstrap accordion block [FREE]

Based on Bootstrap’s accordion component, provides a container that groups inside accordion item blocks.

Accordion item [FREE]

Based on Bootstrap’s accordion component, provides a container for the blocks available inside an accordion component. The accordion item is a container for blocks.

Alignment container [FREE]

Defines a flex container that can hold any type of block. It features all sorts of layout options such as justify-content, alignment, orientation, and gap.

Responsive container [FREE]

Based on Bootstrap’s container class, provides a container for the responsive row blocks.

Responsive row [FREE]

Based on Bootstrap’s row class, provides a container for the responsive column blocks. It also provides options for setting different gutter sizes for the Bootstrap 12-column responsive layout.

Responsive column [FREE]

Based on Bootstrap’s column class, provides a container for blocks. Its main feature is the ability to set the column size (over how many columns to span) and the offset value (how many columns to skip before displaying content). Being responsive, you can set different values for both columns and offsets depending on screen width, similar to what you can do with gutter sizes inside the responsive row.

Web icon [FREE]

Choose a web icon from a collection of 1900+ icons (currently supports only Bootstrap Icons, more libraries will be supported in future updates) right from your block editor. Customize its appearance by changing various properties such as color, size, URL, alt, or target tags.

WPForms Style Container – Customize WPForms Style [FREE]

This element is a container for an unlimited number of form blocks from the WPForms plugin that helps create a custom WPForms style.

The WPForms styler addon features a wide range of adjustments such as font size, font weight, color, background color, padding, borders, or border radius. All these customization options can be used to style the form body, title, labels, input, and buttons.

Customize your WPForms design once and add an unlimited number of WPForms blocks that will automatically inherit the style defined in the parent block.

Works with both WPForms Lite and the paid versions of WPForms. More customization options will be available in the future.


This plugin provides 8 blocks.

  • Alignment Container Defines a flex container that can hold any type of block.
  • Web Icon Components that helps you add icons from popular web icon libraries.
  • Responsive Column Defines responsive columns inside a row.
  • Accordion Container Groups accordion items inside a container.
  • Responsive Row Groups responsive columns inside a row.
  • Responsive Container Groups responsive rows inside a container.
  • WPForms Style Container Styles all the WPForms blocks available inside.
  • Accordion Item Accordion items from Bootstrap.


Who is Blockington for?

Anyone can use Blockington and take full advantage of the WYSIWYG Gutenberg block editor that ships directly with WordPress.

It was designed to be easy to use, while at the same time providing a large number of settings, features, and custom blocks to further help you design and build pages for various purposes such as landing pages, blogs, contact forms, business pages, or any other general purpose page you can think of.

How much does it cost?

As of right now, everything is free. This includes bug fixes and new upcoming features. All you have to do is to build amazing websites with it.

With that being said we highly appreciate it if you would give us feedback, constructive criticism, or give us suggestions on what other tools you would like in Blockington that are currently missing. Blockington is for you, the creative, not us, the developers.

Is Blockington compatible with other addon block plugins or page builders?

For the most part yes. We try as much as we possibly can to make sure our plugin does not conflict with any other available plugins. If you do find some compatibility issues with other plugins please let us know by opening a ticket on the support forum or sending us an email at paulbalan@reel.software.

What themes work with Blockington?

Blockington should work great with all themes especially full site editing (FSE) themes that were crafted to work best with the Gutenberg block editor. There might be situations where certain conflicts happen although we try our best to keep our components independent from themes. If you do encounter situations where something doesn’t work right please open a ticket on the support forum or send us an email at paulbalan@reel.software.

Am I allowed to use Blockington on a client website?

For sure, we encourage our users to use the plugin however they see fit to build whatever they want no matter if it’s a website for you or a client or if you generate revenue from that website or not. We focus on building the tool that gets the job done, not on imposing strict licenses for free products.

Is Blockington bad for website speed or SEO?

No, 100% no. We built Blockington to be fast and reliable and we continuously update it to make it even better. The same goes for SEO where we follow best practices.


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Good plugin with potential. Great support, quick response.
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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress Gutenberg Blocks, Bootstrap Blocks, WPForms Styler – Blockington” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.2 – 12 DEC 2022

  • Added alignment container block.
  • Added Freemius opt-in pop-up.
  • Added rate us pop-up.
  • Fixed accordion item block missing chevron.
  • Fixed responsive column block default values.

1.0.1 – 9 DEC 2022

  • Fixed WPForms Style Container by adding the WPForms form selector by default.
  • Added customization options for submit button for WPForms Style Container.

1.0.0 – 30 NOV 2022

  • Added accordion container/item components.
  • Added responsive container/row/column components.
  • Added web icon component.
  • Added WPForms style container component.
  • Initial release.