Analytics & Privacy Toolkit – WP Full Picture


Track WordPress and WooCommerce traffic with Google Analytics, Meta Pixel (or 16+ other tools) and according to privacy laws.

  1. Easily install any tracking tool you need – from Google Analytics (with Consent Mode v2) and Meta Pixel to custom tracking scripts
  2. Track user actions and WooCommerce events
  3. Track visitors according to privacy laws
  4. View traffic and marketing reports straight in your WP admin or a smartphone*

*Reports can be created in Google Looker Studio, Databox and similar platforms that allow embedding them in websites. To view reports on a phone, you need to use a platform that has its own phone app.



WP Full Picture is a powerful alternative to:
– plugins that install tracking tools, like PixelYourSite or MonsterInsights
– GTM4WP plugin
– cookie notice / consent banner plugins


WP FP comes with 16 ready ready-to-use integrations, powerful Google Tag Manager integrations and an easy-to-use Custom Scripts module.

The ready to use integrations include:

  1. Google Analytics – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  2. Google Ads – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  3. Microsoft Clarity – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  4. Microsoft Advertising – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  5. Meta Pixel (a.k.a Facebook Pixel) – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  6. Matomo – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  7. PostHog – for product analytics (learn more)
  8. Simple Analytics (learn more)
  9. Linked In Insight Tag – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  10. Plausible Analytics – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  11. X Ads / Twitter Ads – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  12. TikTok Pixel – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  13. Pinterest Conversion Tag – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  14. Hotjar – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  15. Crazy Egg – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  16. Inspectlet – with WooCommerce support (learn more)

What is more, if the tool you want to use is not available in these integrations, you can still install it with:

  1. Google Tag Manager – with WooCommerce support (learn more)
  2. Custom Scripts (learn more)


WP FP extends tracking features of most tracking tools listed above.

Some of the things you can track with WP Full Picture, include:

  • WooCommerce purchases, checkout and other events (see the next seciton for details)
  • clicks in any page elements
  • clicks in affiliate links
  • clicks in outbound links
  • form submissions
  • views of any page elements (popups, ads, products, pricing tabels, etc.)
  • scrolls to various page depths
  • downloads
  • page types
  • page titles (separately, SEO titles and default titles)
  • archives (categories, tags, etc.)
  • post terms (categories, tags and custom)
  • page ids
  • search phrases


WP Full Picture lets you track WooCommerce events and data with 14 tracking tools – from Google Analytics to Hotjar or Plausible Analytics. Depending on the tool you can track:

  • purchases
  • checkouts
  • product views
  • product list item views
  • product list item clicks
  • add to cart events
  • remove from cart events
  • add to wishlist events

WP Full Picture works with both standard WooCommerce elements and Gutenberg blocks (including the new cart and checkout blocks).


WP FP comes with a set of privacy solutions that will help you comply with GDPR, PiPEDA, CNIL, RODO and other privacy laws.

  1. Consent Banner / Cookie Notice (learn more) with support for Google’s Consent Mode v2
  2. Iframes Manager (learn more)
  3. Safe Fonts module (learn more)
  4. Privacy Policy Extras module (learn more)


Have an easy view on your traffic statistics and marketing costs and performance straight from your WP admin.

Create reports with tools like Looker Studio, Databox or other popular reporting platforms and display them right in your WP admin or phone (platform needs to have its own app)!


WP Full Picture can get other WordPress plugins to respect privacy laws and follow the tracking exclusion rules you set up.

It has turn-key solutions for:
– Jetpack Stats,
– MonsterInsights,
– Google Site Kit,
– Exact Metrics,
– GA Google Analytics by Jeff Starr
– and RankMath


WP Full Picture Pro is a solution for businesses and proffessional uses who need an edge over competition. Learn more


  • Install almost any tracking or marketing tool
  • Track WooCommerce events
  • Show tracking & marketing reports in WP admin
  • Comply with privacy laws
  • Get other plugins to comply with privacy laws.


Is WP Full Picture compatible with page builders?

Yes. We tested it with Elementor, Bricks, Breakdance and saw no issues.

Does WP Full Picture support WooCommerce and new WooCommerce blocks?

Yes. Both classic WooCommerce elements and new blocks are supported in 14 different tools and Google Tag Manager.

WP Full Picture tracks events like purchases, checkouts, add-to-cart events, and more.

Does WP Full Picture display statistics in the dashboard?

Yes. WP Full Picture lets you display in your WP admin panel reports and dashboards created in Google Looker Studio, Databox and other similar services.

These platforms allow you to create advanced reports with aggregated data from various analytics and marketing tools, Google spreadsheets and even WooCommerce data.

Does WP Full Picture support Google’s consent mode v2?

Yes. Consent mode v2 is supported from version 7.1. It works with Google Analytics, Google Ads and GTM. You can enable it in the settings of the cookie notice / consent banner.

Will I need a cookie management plugin or platform (CookieBot, Iubenda, CookieYes, etc.) after I switch to WP Full Picture?

It depends.

You may need it if you display on your website ads from platforms like Google Adsense – they require a cookie managment solution with FTC certification. WP Full Picture does not have it at the moment. We plan to obtain this certification at a later time and make it available for the Pro users.

How does WP Full Picture’s cookie notice block cookies?

WP Full Picture doesn’t need to block cookies. Instead, it blocks scripts that install and use these cookies. The end result is the same, but the website works a little bit faster because it loads the tracking scripts only after the visitor agrees to cookies.

Is WP Full Picture’s cookie notice limited in any way?

No. Unlike cookie management platforms (CMPs), we don’t limit the use of the notice in any way. It can be displayed unlimited number of times, on unlimited pages by unlimited number of visitors.

Do I have to use the WP Full Picture’s cookie notice?

No you don’t. All the modules can be used separately.

I live in the EU, but I want to start tracking visitors right after they visit the page. Can I do this?

Technically, you can. Legally you can’t.

Will my site comply with ALL privacy regulations just by using WP Full Picture?

No. Privacy regulations cover many areas of business. WP Full Picture helps you handle only a part of it, so you still need to be aware and act accordingly to be fully compliant with the rest of them.

I am using a different cookie notice. Can I keep using it?

Yes you can. Please mind however that the vast majority of cookie notices do not comply with privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA – even if they claim so! This is because they do not prevent loading cookies (or scripts that use them) before users agree to tracking.

Can I translate texts in the cookie notice?

Yes. WP Full Picture has been tested and works with multilingual plugins WPML and Polylang. It is possible that it also works with other plugins but we haven’t tested them.

Does WP Full Picture support caching plugins?

Yes. It automatically clears cache of Rocket Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP-Optimize, Breeze, Siteground Cache, WP Super Cache, Cache Enabler, WP Fastest Cache, Litespeed Cache, Comet Cache, Hummingbird, WP Engine ceche and Autoptimize.

Attention. We noticed that WP Multisite installations with LiteSpeed Cache plugin do not clear cache network-wide when the plugin is updated. In such case, cache needs to be cleared manually – visit every site in the network and click “purge cache” button.

Is WP Full Picture incompatible with any plugins or solutions?

Yes. At the moment we have identified Bunny Fonts plugin to be incompatible (breaks the page when using with WP FP). However, you will not need this plugin since one of WP FP’s modules has the same functionality like Bunny Fonts.

Apart from that, we noticed that WP Multisite installations with LiteSpeed Cache plugin, do not clear cache when it is required. In such case, cache needs to be cleared by manually visiting every site in the network and clearing it manually (by clicking a button).

Does WP Full Picture generate product feeds for Google Shopping or Facebook?

No. WP Full Picture concentrates on tracking and privacy. To generate a product catalogue you can use one of multiple plugins from WordPress repository or cloud platforms.


13, Marzu de 2024
Very good plugin and support. The configuration is very simple, everything is clear, the interface looks modern. The website did not slow down after installing the plugin, which I am most pleased with. I had a problem with one thing, but support helped me the same day.
28, Febreru de 2024 1 reply
Super easy plugin - 3 in1! Fast & easy cookie banner creation - banner is really nice and pretty Google consent mode v2 works fine with the banner easy plugin to connect your Google Analytics and Google Ads without the need of Google Tag Manager usage! Great and fast support from the creator - Krzysztof called me back on my questions and also super fast sent me a video created just for me (wow;) how to install the options I need. Moreover the documentation is easy to read and has a lot of video tutorials how to set everythig so help is rarely needed. I installed the plugin after the GTM4WP plugin stopped working properly as some things were depreciated in newest version (Ads stopped to notice conversions). I did not know how to properly set/change the tags in GTM so this plugin is really great deal for me. You just add 3 tracking numbers and Analytics and Ads are connected without Tag manager!
10, Xineru de 2024
I recently had an incompatibility problem on woocommerce based on my theme and after opening a support request in the forum Krzysztof responded promptly in less than a day, even in a video conference, managing to find a solution and update the plugin. I'm using the plugin to integrate Matomo, Google Ads & Analytics and it works perfectly now. Even the integration with Databox to view custom reports in the backend is great. What to say…Great plugin and excellent support.Well done.Thanks
14, Avientu de 2023
This plugin is a life saver! I've been playing with it for a couple of months and using the PRO version as well. It will solve your compliance issues for GDPR right of the bat and it helps you get pre-set events for multiple tracking platforms. It's mindblowing! The FREE version is very generous and the plugin developer is very dedicated to the plugin - there was so many updates done in the last few months. Definitely a default installation for any WordPress install, especially in the EU. Thank you!
13, Xunetu de 2023
I am pretty impressed by this plugin!It's better than a "cookie" blocker as it will block the scripts that generate the cookies BEFORE they are generated. This will also speed up the websites because the scripts are not even loaded. It also provides convenient wrapping shortcodes to put before and after : iframes, players, or any elements that require user agreement (for analytics and or marketing). It also provides a shortcode to place in your privacy policy page and the customizer is genius! There is presets for Google Site kit, and others... all good!I am going to replace ComplianZ with as there is no annoying "wizard" (that takes hours to fill) and also to forget the cookie hunt. The free version is really generous and the support is stellar!Does this sounds like an add? Well, the plugin has only 6 reviews and I definitely want to support great projects like this one so yes, it's an add : go get it!
Read all 12 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Analytics & Privacy Toolkit – WP Full Picture” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



7.3.1 (12-03-2024)

  • [New] [Consent banner] Added url_passthrough option to GAds & GA
  • [New] [Pro] IP address validation for server-side tracking
  • [Update] [GTM] [Consent mode] Improved logic of consent mode for GTM
  • [Fix] [Pro] Solution to Cloudflare\’s proxy tht made user IPs unusable for FB CAPI
  • [Fix] [Pro] [Meta] [CAPI] The value of fbp cookie was sometimes not sent to the server, even though it was available
  • [Fix] [Consent banner] On some sites, the theme’s CSS of form labels impacted the styling of consent toggles
  • [Fix] Obfuscating some post author names
  • [Fix] [PostHog] Tracking script did not load when the user chose EU servers when setting up their PH account
  • [Fix] [Woo] Option to show “order confirmation page seen” icon on the Orders page has been correctly marked as Pro feature

7.3.0 (04-03-2024)

  • [New] [Woo] [GAds] You can now track non-purchase Woo events as conversions
  • [New] [Cookie Notice] Color picker for the switcher for necessary cookies
  • [Updated] Consent mode logic improvement for gtag and GTM.
  • [Updated] [Woo] [GAds] Added transaction_id to purchase tracking
  • [Fix] [Woo] Teasers in modified HTML wrappers will no longer trigger errors
  • [Fix] Shortcode fp_info did not display the tools list if Tracking Tools Manager or Custom Scripts module were enabled but not set up
  • [Fix] [GTM] Static data is no longer sent before settings consents
  • [Fix] [GTM] Added an event name to the push with static data
  • [Fix] [Consent banner] Fixed a case of not working customizer controls under specific circumstances
  • [Fix] Fn isAnchorLinkToCurrentPage no longer throws an error when links with very weird URLs are clicked
  • [Removal] Parameter allow_ad_personalization_signals in GA4 (no longer necessary with consent mode)
  • [Removal] Splitbee module
  • [Other] [Consent Banner] Improved script creating optional headline text
  • [Other] Small UI improvements

7.2.5 (28-02-2024)

  • [Fix] GTM consent mode did not run in a very specific situations

7.2.4 (27-02-2024)

  • [Fix] Posthog integration fix
  • [Fix] [Custom Scripts] Disabling scripts is now correctly saved

7.2.3 (27-02-2024)

  • [New] Added an HTML field to custom script module
  • [Fix] GTM data did not load

7.2.2 (26-02-2024)

  • [Update] Made jquery dependancy an experimental option
  • [Fix] Tracking clicks in contact links – when users clicked phone or email links, full addresses/number were sent to some tracking tools. Now only parts of number or email addresses are sent
  • [Fix] [Hotjar] [Woo] Hotjar tried to track checkouts and purchases even when the options for tracking them were disabled.

7.2.1 (20-02-2024)

  • [Fix] [Pro] Custom events tracking did not accept uppercase letters

7.2.0 (19-02-2024)

  • [Update] [UX/UI] Make all conditional settings that require other modules, to be visible but inactive
  • [Fix] [Twitter] [Free] Remove code for sending email (it does not work in Free)
  • [Other] Clicking the “account” link in WP admin will now redirect to website’s account login page
  • [Other] replaced a PO file with a POT file for translations

7.1.4 (11-02-2024)

  • [Fix] [Woo] When WooCommerce plugin was deactivated while WooCommerce Tracking module was active, all Gutenberg blocks disappeared

7.1.3 (09-02-2024)

  • [Fix] [Meta] Switch to enable enagagement time tracking did not show up

7.1.2 (08-02-2024)

  • [New] [Free] Added a button to the Pro pricing page
  • [Fix] Tracking exclusion with a link

7.1.1 (07-02-2024)

  • [Fix] [Pro] Removed a piece of code that marked available features as Pro

7.1.0 (07-02-2024)

  • [New] Consent Mode v2 is now added to GTM
  • [New] [Consent Banner] Consent banner can now be set to re-appear when a privacy policy is updated or new tracking tools are enabled
  • [Update] [Privacy] Google’s Consent Mode updated to v2
  • [Update] [MS Clarity] Improved privacy / consent mode
  • [Update] Simplified UX
  • [Removed] Saving tasks in checklists
  • [Removed] Hiding Pro settings in the free version

7.0.2 (31-01-2023)

  • [Fix] Google Ads conversion tracking – fixed a typo that prevented conversions from being tracked
  • [Fix] [Microsot Ads] Properly marked enhanced conversions as unavailable in Free

7.0.0 (18-01-2023)

  • [New] 100% NEW WooCommerce integration with blocks supports & new features
  • [New] [MS Advertising] Enhanced Conversion tracking (Pro only)
  • [New] [Woo] [Pinterest] Added tracking product categories
  • [New] [Woo] Undoing product removals in cart is now tracked
  • [New] [Woo] [Plausible] Revenue data is now automatically sent with purchase information
  • [New] [Woo] Tracking coupons in compatible tools
  • [New] [Plausible] You can now track WP data, search phrases and user role
  • [New] [X / Twitter] WP FP can now send to Twitter / X user’s email address for improved conv. tracking (Pro only)
  • [New] Added Android app redirects to YouTube app, LinkedIn app and Line app (JP)
  • [Update] [Woo] All “begin checkout” events are now tracked. Not only the first one in a path
  • [Update] [All] Phone numbers and email addresses clicked by people on the website are now tracked in a form that prevents them from being considered as PII by tracking tools (hence, not blocked)
  • [Update] [Hotjar] Updated to latest HJ API with “hj(event)”
  • [Update] Modifications and improvements to FP helpers scripts
  • [Update] [Woo] Brand tracking no longer requires selecting brand taxonomy when the WP FP’s brand tax is enabled
  • [Removed] Redirecting to the main page of plugin after activation
  • [Removed] [GTM] Old formatting of data sent to the dataLayer
  • [Fix] [Woo] [Pin] Email address for the Enhanced Match is now correctly sent to Pinterest (Pro only)
  • [Fix] [Woo] [Plausible] Properties for Woo events should now be correctly recognized by Plausible
  • [Fix] [Woo] [Matomo] In certain situations clean page title was not reported to Matomo and the default one was used
  • [Other] Added aria-label to the panels of the cookie notice.

6.2.0 (15-11-2023)

  • [New] [Matomo] WooCommerce support
  • [Update] [Matomo] Custom dimensions (set up in the “track WP data” section) are now added to all events – not only to pageview
  • [Update] [Matomo] Tracking the number of search results is now made with “trackSiteSearch” event instead of trackPageView event – with search query, category and search results number.
  • [Update] Click-tracking improvements – especially triggering callback functions after all clicks
  • [Fix] Links marked with “fupi_click_stopped” class couldn’t be clicked again
  • [Fix] Tracking terms of non-standard taxonomies
  • [Fix] [WooCommerce] Prices rounding bug
  • [Fix] [WooCommerce] Product quantities are now correctly tracked
  • [Fix] [WooCommerce] Product quantities are now correctly tracked

6.1.0 (08-11-2023)

  • [Change] Settings for analytics dashboards moved to their own module
  • [Fix] [Plausible] Report shows even when the Plausible module is disabled
  • [Fix] [Plausible] Report’s iframe is too short, thus cut in the middle
  • [Other] Premium options are shown by default in the WP FP Free
  • [Other] Clearly explain GA users where consent mode can be activated
  • [Other] UI tweak. Clearer descriptions of WooCommerce events tracked by different modules
  • [Other] UI tweak. Required settings fields in repeatable sections are now highlighted

6.0.0 (01-11-2023)

  • [New] New feature set for the Free version
  • [New] Added Safe Fonts module
  • [New] Cookie notice buttons can now be set to inline-reversed only on mobile
  • [Update] Iframes manager now supports Bricks builder (only iframes added with HTML or with the “Video” element)
  • [Update] Iframes manager now supports Brakedance builder (only iframes added with HTML or the Full Embed option)
  • [Update] Freemius SDK
  • [Fix] Blocked Iframes now correctly show URL to privacy policy of the content source
  • [Fix] [Plugin settings] – Sidenav link to WooCommerce Tracking module is now removed when WooCommerce is deactivated
  • [Fix] [Other] Removed console notice about failed loading of ad block test script
  • [Fix] [WooCommerce] Fixed checkout data when there iss another cart in the HTML (e.g. in a slideout panel)
  • [Fix] Cookie notice required FP.manageIframes function even when Iframes Manager wasn’t used
  • [Fix] [Crazy Egg] Custom tracking methods now work correctly
  • [Removed] [Hotjar] JS tracking
  • [Other] Name changes – “Twitter” to “X” and “Cookie Notice” to “Consent Banner”

5.3.0 (09-10-2023)

  • [New] New Iframes Manager
  • [New] Automatic setup options in the Tracking Tools Manager
  • [New] Tracking Tools Manager can now manage Jetpack Stats
  • [New] Admin can now give permission to update FP’s settings to users with specific emails and IDs
  • [New] Non-admin users who were given edit rights to WP FP’s settings can no longer give the same permissions to other users
  • [New] New in-admin guide for Twitter Ads
  • [Update] Make the texts in the iframe placeholder translatable
  • [Fix] Admin panel responsiveness was off on laptops
  • [Removed] Google Optimize integration module

  • Find more in our changelog