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QuBot – Chatbot Builder with Templates provides a variety of ready-to-use templates of chatbots for any purposes your business may have. Countless tasks and functions can be easily managed and automatized with the help of the chatbot features and capabilities.

QuBot by QuData presents different solutions and opportunities to customize the bot for individual needs and demands. QuData team has significant experience in developing modern tools for modern business. Our company has created one of the best mechanisms to provide everyday communication and smart assistance.

QuBot can effortlessly contribute to business growth and collect customer information, reduce personnel costs and build impressive databases, turn site guests into leads and nurture them into regulars.

What are the advantages of the plugin by QuData? Here are some main benefits:

✔ QuBot is free of charge
QuBot is totally free to download and further use the available templates. There are no hidden payments or required registrations. There is also no trial period! Just download the plugin for free and use it whenever it’s needed.

✔ QuBot is easy to learn – simple to do
QuBot is absolutely user-friendly. Simple visual settings panel makes it possible to carry out manipulations in a few clicks. There is no need for any specific knowledge or skills for setting and applying this chatbot. Just use our drag-and-drop visual editor to create chatbots from scratch!

✔ QuBot is flexible and adaptable
QuBot’s unique templates are not only ready-to-use for variouses cases but also can be easily adjusted. Change algorithms, add or remove states, copy or delete elements, install more details – all the modifications can be effortlessly performed and personalized to meet all your business needs.

✔ QuBot is your constant contact with customers
QuBot arranges ongoing support to all regular customers as well as potential clients at any time and under any circumstances, wherever they are. Chatbot provides all the required assistance immediately whenever it’s requested.

Learn how to build and add QuBot live chats to your WordPress Website

QuBot’s Technical features:

➤ Bot with NLU
QuBot has built in natural-language-understanding systems that can be easily switched on. This way QuBot is able to produce more accurate and appropriate responses during interactions and successfully guide customers on the topic of conversation.

➤ Bot with interface customisation
QuBot offers a wide range of settings required for creating your own unique style. Various icons, themes, backgrounds, fonts, styles and more are available for users to choose from. With several clicks you are able to set up necessary changes and immediately see them on the screen.

➤ Multi-language bot
QuBot allows users to create multilingual interfaces in which the demanded language is easily switched on. This allows to significantly expand the spheres of application and target a bigger audience.

➤ Rule-based bot
QuBot is a rule-based bot that maintains a strict algorithm for responding to user actions. It means that the structures and displayed answers are all pre-defined and completely controlled by the designers. The chatbot guides the customers with the help of follow-up questions to eventually get the necessary anwer. This way the communication goes on faster and more straightforward.

➤ Bot via button navigation
QuBot is a type of the bots with button navigation. For such chatbots the conversation occurs via buttons with prepared questions and possible answers. It provides required hints for the customers and can make the dialogues proceed easily.

Popular Use Cases

Chatbots help millions of different organizations and enterprises around the world to manage the flow of their clients, provide for them information and support as well as organize the administrative work. Banks, shops,hotels, hospitals, airlines – you name it and for sure there is at least one available chatbot. The possibilities of using chatbots are unlimited!

● QuBot for Marketing
Promoting products and services via chatbot becomes a really simple task. QuBot is a well-suited mechanism for data collection, as well as prompt notification of company news and future events. This chatbot is also efficient at personalized client targeting and providing means to improve advertising campaigns.

● QuBot for Sales
QuBot can undoubtedly help to raise the number of sales and build a client database. Its unobtrusive attention to every visitor, quick response to every question and useful information of every product or service, provided right on time, create sales opportunities and an active database of leads. QuBot can drastically expand sales channels.

● QuBot for best Customer Service
Nowadays, all the products and services are created with the end consumers in mind. With QuBot’s help you are able to provide proper customer cаre effortlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. QuBot will ensure an easy and enjoyable experience for every of your clients and deliver an immediate response to their queries. Its assistance builds reliable personal relationships.

● QuBot for basic questions
You can easily delegate to the chatbot the responsibility of replying to the frequently asked questions. They are usually typical and there is no need to involve an employee. QuBot can easily handle this while having a nice chat and promoting your products at the same time. As a result, response waiting time and personnel costs are reduced greatly.

● QuBot for recruitment assistance
QuBot can positively be in charge of the first steps in hiring new staff and perform such tasks as: informing applicants about basic requirements for the chosen position, answering questions about the working conditions and getting the necessary personal information. Chatbot is also able to handle a preliminary interview, usually in the form of multiple choice questions.

● QuBot for fun and entertainment
Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of QuBot’s unique features and be sure to set on available games for your visitors. This will definitely entertain your customers and brighten up their time.

As you can see, QuBot is a universal instrument that offers a wide range of completely free services for your WordPress site. It allows the customers not only to have a live chat at any time to get the necessary answer or needed support, but also can provide daily assistance, entertainment or even take part in hiring processes.

QuData team is always ready to help with any improvements to your business services. QuData can easily implement all the personalized adjustments to your chatbot or even develop an absolutely unique chatbot for your business needs specifically.
Feel free to contact us for more information.


  • Appreciate simple visual setup editor
  • Enjoy various features and templates
  • Apply different customized chatbots
  • Explore unlimited possibilities
  • Promote your products and services
  • Always stay in touch with people


Please follow the following steps to install QuBot – Chatbot Builder with Templates.

  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Choose “Plugins” on the sidebar menu on the left.
  3. Click “Add New” and find “QuBot” with the search bar or upload the plugin zip file from the “Downloads” folder manually.
  4. Install the plugin and activate it.
  5. The plugin icon will appear on the left sidebar of the admin panel.
  6. That’s it! QuBot plugin is ready to use! Customize the chatbot and enjoy its possibilities!


Do I need to have a QuData account to use the QuBot plugin?

No, there is no need for any registration or creating any accounts. Just download the plugin and activate it on your WordPress website.

Is the QuBot plugin really free?

Yes, QuBot is totally free for download and further use. There are no hidden payments or required donations. There is also no trial period! Just download and activate the plugin.

Are coding skills required to use the QuBot plugin?

Absolutely not! QuBot is entirely user-friendly. Simple visual settings panel and ready-to-use templates make it possible to carry out manipulations in a few clicks and build various chatbots effortlessly.

What languages can be used?

QuBot is a Multi-language bot. QuBot allows users to create multilingual interfaces in which the demanded language is easily switched on.

What is the QuBot plugin?

QuBot is a simple visual setup editor that helps to build personalized chatbots via various ready-to-use templates. Available templates have different purposes. QuBot can easily provide prime customer support and answers to typical questions, collect clients’ information and build impressive databases; take on the role of HR-assistant and reduce personnel costs, turn site guests into leads and nurture them into regulars. All that and much more you can find in the QuBot plugin.

Who should use the QuBot plugin?

QuBot is perfect for different agencies, business owners, developers, bloggers, designers – anyone who has a WordPress website and wants to use chatbots to fulfill their business purposes.

How can I learn more about QuBot?

Visit our website to learn more about QuBot. You can always contact us, if you have more questions.


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