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Qzzr Shortcode Plugin


Embed your Qzzr quizzes on your wordpress site. Allows the use of a special short code [qzzr] for embedding Qzzr quizzes.

Qzzr + Qzzr Shortcode Plugin = WordPress lovin’.

Qzzr is the world’s simplest quiz building tool. It lets everyone from Fortune 500 companies to your mother create a quiz and share it with the world. Now with our WordPress plugin, anyone who creates their own content on WordPress can now create and embed their own quizzes just like BuzzFeed. That means you can use our quiz tool to promote your own site or blog without people ever leaving your site.

You could embed quizzes on WordPress before, but the process was complicated and didn’t work for all types of users on WordPress. We wanted to simplify the process, so we created the Qzzr Shortcode Plugin and made it available for all our faithful WordPress users. You create a quiz on Qzzr, grab the WordPress shortcode and with the plugin installed on your WordPress site, just paste it into any post or page on WordPress and that’s it. Your quiz will embed itself on your site and like embedding a video from YouTube or Vimeo, your quiz will appear inline with your content.

Don’t have a Qzzr account? No problem! Head over to and sign up for a free account, and start making your own quizzes.

Current Features

  • Enables use the Qzzr Shortcode instead of the full Qzzr embed code.
  • Embed quizzes as any type of user instead of just Editors and Admins
  • Create a quiz and embed the quiz on your own site just like BuzzFeed


[qzzr quiz="123" width="100%" height="auto" redirect="true" offset="100"]


  • A Qzzr quiz embedded on a blog
  • The results page of a Qzzr quiz
  • Another Qzzr quiz embedded on a blog
  • A multiple choice question
  • Another results page
  • Where to copy your short code from
  • Where to paste your short code


For old school manual installation people:

  1. copy the folder qzzr-shortcode into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Then go to the Plugins area of the Admin and activate.


  1. search for “Qzzr Shortcode” from the admin area of your WordPress site in Plugins > Add New. We detail the process here in this Qzzr support article with screenshots.
  2. Remember to activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


What is Qzzr?

Qzzr is a web app that helps anybody build beautiful engaging quizzes. It’s great for driving social traffic, generating qualified leads, presenting targeted offers, and tracking scores. Learn more about Qzzr.

Why is this plugin useful?

Shortcodes are cleaner and simpler! Only Editors and Admins can copy and paste the javascript embed code to embed a Qzzr quiz onto a WordPress page, authors cannot.

With embed codes you need to make sure to be in the “Text” tab of the writing area. If a user is in the “Visual” (default) tab, the embed code will not work. Short codes will always work in either text editor.

But wait! I already have a quiz using the old embed code! Will it still work on WordPress?

Fear no more! Your quiz will continue to function with no problem. Heck, if you want to keep using the old method for future quizzes, that’s fine. We just created the shortcode, like was said before, because it’s cleaner and simpler.

Is it difficult to install and get setup?

Nope, it’s so easy! Check out the Installation section to see just how easy it is.

What do all the parameters in the code mean?
  • quiz: The id of your quiz. (Valid values are your quiz id “123” or “your-quiz-slug”)
  • width: The pixel or percentage width of your quiz container. (“500px” or “100%” – Default: “100%”)
  • height: The pixel or percentage width of your quiz container. Setting this to auto will resize the quiz on each question to match the content. (“500px”, “100%”, “auto” – Default: “auto”)
  • redirect: set this to true if you want shares to return to the page or post where you are embedding the quiz.
  • offset: You can set this to accommodate fixed headers. On desktop browsers, we scroll the window to the top of the quiz if the top is out of view. This will set a top margin to have the quiz to be offset from the top by the value you specify.

Now if that was over your head, no need to worry about it. Just install the plugin, copy the shortcode from Qzzr after creating the quiz and paste it into WordPress and your quiz will look great!

I need more help with the Qzzr quiz building tool!

No problem at all, check out our thorough knowledge base on how to use Qzzr.

But what if it doesn’t look good or I can’t get it to work?!

Well, that’s why we’re here. Qzzr offers exceptional support and we’re available at no extra cost to you. You need help embedding a quiz and just can’t figure it out? Our Support team can even talk over the phone or screenshare to walk you through the process and help you get your quiz up and running! Plus we can help with any question you might have about Qzzr. Visit and click on the Need Help?’ button at the bottom of the page or email Qzzr


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1.0 – Initial release.
1.0.1 – Fixed warning that was being shown when WP_DEBUG was true.