Time-based Revision Cleanup


Optimize your website’s performance and streamline your editing workflow with the Time-based Revision Cleanup plugin for WordPress. Our plugin offers a sophisticated solution to the limitations of the default number-based revision system, which can quickly become inadequate for active sites. Instead of restricting revisions to a set count, our plugin allows you to specify a timeframe for keeping revisions, such as 30, 60, or 365 days, ensuring that your database retains only what’s necessary without losing the essential edit history of your posts.

In addition, our plugin enhances the admin dashboard with an analytics feature that relies on Google’s Chart API to generate visual representations of revision history data.

Please note: The dashboard analytics feature of this plugin relies on a third-party service (Google’s Chart API). For more information about this service, please visit the Google Chart Tools documentation. You can review the terms of service here.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Age-Based Management: Preserve your site’s history by automatically deleting revisions past a certain age, keeping only the recent and relevant changes.
  • Seamless On-Save Cleanup: The plugin intuitively removes outdated revisions upon saving posts, based on the age criteria you’ve set, without disrupting the creative process.
  • Optional Automated Cleanup: Enable the optional CRON job to perform regular, site-wide revision cleanups at intervals you control, maintaining optimal database health with no manual effort.
  • Dashboard Analytics: Visualize your site’s revision cleanup activity with an integrated chart, powered by Google’s Chart API.
  • Fully Customizable: Configure the plugin’s settings to fit the unique demands of your site, including save timeout, CRON frequency, and the maximum number of revisions to process.

By focusing on time rather than revision count, our plugin addresses the core flaw in the default system, ensuring that a busy day of editing won’t result in the loss of important historical data. With the optional CRON job for hands-free maintenance, adjustable settings for precision control, and insightful analytics, the Time-based Revision Cleanup plugin is an essential tool for maintaining a healthy, efficient WordPress site.


  • The Stats tab showing you 24 hours / 30 days / 60 days / YTD statistics for the cleanup.
  • The Settings tab showing all general settings for the plugin.
  • The CRON setting tab for running the cleanup on schedule.


20, Mayu de 2024
I installed this plugin on a few of my sites that had issues with the dashboard running slow due to the large amount of revisions that my clients were creating. This really cleaned up the database and sped up the dashboard for users significantly!
3, Mayu de 2024
I installed the Time-Based Revision Cleanup plugin on my site and and it really is a nifty plugin. You can tell the developer knows what he’s doing. Really love the chart visualization and the fact that it does the work of keeping my db clean and up-to-date. Thanks for the cool plugin!
24, Abril de 2024
I’ve started using the Time-Based Revisions plugin on my site, and it’s been really helpful. It automatically removes older post revisions, so my database stays organized without any extra effort from me.
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